10 Hooks to Make Your Twitter and LinkedIn Posts Go Viral 🚀 (Bonus Content!)

I've amassed over 16k followers on LinkedIn and Twitter. I'm sharing some of my learnings.

10 Hooks to Make Your Twitter and LinkedIn Posts Go Viral 🚀

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10 Hooks to Send Your Follower Count to the Moon!

We live in an attention-deficit world with content and stimulus overload. Everything around us is competing for our attention.

The key to engaging readers on Twitter and LinkedIn is all about how you introduce your content. You could have the best content in the world, but if nobody is stopping to read it, what good is it? It won’t get the readership it deserves.

I’ve grown my Twitter and LinkedIn follower count to over 16,000 since I started prioritizing content in the past year. Through trial-and-error, I quickly learned how powerful a captivating hook was in increasing impression count. The algorithms on Twitter and LinkedIn heavily favor content that scroll-stops, has a strong hold-rate, and engagement rate. Without scroll-stops being optimized, you’ll never get to hold and engagement rates. This will severely impede your growth and reach on the platforms.

I’ve been experimenting a ton with hook testing and have found 10 formats that have worked for me really well.

My 10 Hooks to Go Viral on LinkedIn & Twitter:

1️⃣ Bold Insight

Sharing a groundbreaking insight immediately grabs attention. It challenges conventional wisdom and piques curiosity, making readers eager to learn more about your perspective or discovery.


"What if I told you that everything we know about digital marketing is wrong? Here's the revelation that shocked me..."

2️⃣ Challenge to Common Beliefs

By taking a stand against widely accepted beliefs, you intrigue your audience. People are naturally drawn to debates and will want to see the reasoning behind your bold claim.


"Remote work is more efficient than office work. Here's why, despite popular belief..."

3️⃣ Provocative Question

Asking a thought-provoking question engages readers' minds immediately. It invites them to ponder and makes them eager for the answer, encouraging them to read on.


"Ever wonder why some people seem to succeed effortlessly in their careers? The answer might surprise you..."

4️⃣ Personal Story

Sharing a personal story creates a connection with your audience. It humanizes you and makes your insights more relatable and credible.


"Two years ago, I was close to giving up on my startup. Here's the pivotal moment that turned everything around..."

5️⃣ Mind-blowing Statistic

Presenting an unexpected statistic surprises readers and establishes a need for an explanation, which encourages them to continue reading for more information.


"85% of entrepreneurs fail within the first year. Here's the key factor that the successful 15% have in common..."

6️⃣ Bold Prediction

Making a bold prediction about the future demonstrates thought leadership and knowledge in your field, sparking interest in your vision and its implications.


"In 5 years, AI will revolutionize our industry in ways we can't even imagine. Here's how to prepare..."

7️⃣ Learning Accelerated

Sharing learnings from a time- or financial-intensive endeavor that may put up a barrier to others wanting to go through this journey. But still a topic that would intrigue a broad audience.


"I spent 180 hours taking the Meta Ads Blueprint Course so you don’t have to. Here are the 20 most important concepts you need to know:”

8️⃣ Mystery Unveiling

Introducing a mystery piques human curiosity. People love solving puzzles, and presenting them with an intriguing question will make them dive into your content for answers.


"There's one common trait among highly successful people, and it's not what you think. Here’s what it is..."

9️⃣ Value Proposition

Offering a clear value proposition, especially one that promises to solve a problem or enhance knowledge, is a powerful way to attract readers.


"Mastering this one negotiation tactic can increase your salary by 20%. Here's how to do it..."

🔟  Historical Comparison

Drawing parallels between historical events and current trends provides a unique perspective that can illuminate current challenges and opportunities.


"What do today's tech leaders have in common with explorers from the Age of Discovery? The answer offers a clue to successful innovation..."

Now It’s Your Turn

Take these strategies and integrate them into your next piece of content. Challenge perceptions, reveal new insights, and share your experiences. Your audience is looking for more than just information; they're seeking connection, inspiration, and understanding. By employing these techniques, you can provide just that, transforming your content into personal growth and networking opportunities.

It’s a numbers game. The more you try and fail, the more you learn. Volume of attempts will accelerate your learning!

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